Preventative Blood Analysis

I call Preventative Blood Analysis, PBA for short.

The ultimate goal of PBA is to develop a plan for personalizing your nutrition and lifestyle practices based on what is actually happening inside your body. The evidence comes from extensive blood tests. You also have the option of doing a Nutrigenomics DNA test. Read more about myDNA.

You like science. You may be creative, spiritual, you’re certainly soulful, but you still like the analysis that comes from laboratory testing. You know that your motivation to change will skyrocket if you can see what is happening in your body.  

This unique Food Coach service was created to fill a gap. Many of my clients were frustrated with the lack of attention to detail and the support that they weren’t getting from their physicians, in terms of preventative health. To fill that gap, I spent some years studying functional medicine, specifically doing a deeper dive into blood markers as a way to see biological patterns.

It is not meant to diagnose - that is what I leave to your doctor - but rather a way to identify connections that help me guide you to know what foods, lifestyle measures, and targeted supplementation will take you towards your goals. It truly is a preventative approach to support you to:

  • Reduce the risk of inherited disease

  • Improve the outcome of present diagnosed issues

  • Eliminate niggling symptoms that seem to have no apparent cause

  • Improve your digestion, energy, and sleep

  • Help you lose weight

  • Age with optimal health

If you’ve been looking for an evidence-based nutrition and health program, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at a sample report that you will get. Keep in mind that I don’t just hand you your report and send you on your way. I will analyze the results in-depth to come out with a step-by-step plan to support you to reach your goals. Then I walk you through each of those steps over 6-months (or more if you need it). You will have ongoing accountability, knowledge and a trusted partner along the way.

Doing a NUTRIGENOMICS DNA test is optional but it absolutely provides added insight to what your body needs. The more information we get the more targeted your program becomes. Go here to see more about the Nutrigenomics DNA testing and to see a sample report.


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