Functional Nutrition Analysis

Functional Nutrition Analysis (FNA) is one of the ways that The Food Coach® brings a whole new level of service to the field of nutrition. When we are creating your optimal eating plan, this is the piece that most people yearn for – to have greater insight into what is happening inside their own body. With the use of laboratory testing, more information can be gathered about a person’s individual biochemistry to personalize their nutritional choices.

FNA includes Preventative Blood Analysis, which draws on research that tells us that a narrower reference range of blood testing can give us insight into specific biochemical needs, and offer a preventative prescription to potential problems that you may experience down the road.

This is an add-on feature to any program that The Food Coach® offers. With standard blood testing that you would get from your doctor plus a few added blood markers, The Food Coach can give you more insight into what nutritional priorities are specific for your body.

FNA can go further, if needed, into lab testing to look at how well you are adapting to stress, and any internal stressors that are interfering in your well being. When we can see what your symptoms and lab tests are pointing to, we can then get you on a nutritional and lifestyle program that will raise your energy levels, help you sleep, stop the cravings, lose weight and address many of the symptoms that you’ve been struggling with.