An interactive group environment to inspire and support change.

Commitment to group classes is a great way to have access to the expertise of The Food Coach® and also have the support and experience of other people who are working toward similar goals, at a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one. You have the option of two group programs:

The Food Coach® Optimal Eating Sessions

This is a 6-week series focused on optimal eating with everything you need to know to be healthy for the rest of your life. You’ll be educated in the principles of nutrition with the focus on practical, day-to-day ways of making good choices. Tap Tzabia’s brain for all those burning questions, that you would love resolved. Ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced searchers of nutrition – there are gems for every level.

Topics include:

  • The most important change to make in your eating to see the biggest difference in your well-being
  • Carbs: Are they the problem or the solution?
  • The importance and challenge of eating close to nature
  • Demystifying fats, finally
  • Navigating the grocery store – what to choose, what to watch out for
  • The value of researched supplementation
  • How to read your body to create an ideal diet for you

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Jump Off the Diet Treadmill – How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off for a Lifetime

This 12-week program is ideal for those who want to break free of yo-yo dieting, take control of their relationship with food and know that they need more than just knowledge about nutrition to do so. This is an ‘all-of-you’ process focused on changing your physiology and behaviour. It draws from the material in Tzabia’s book of the same name, as well as her work with individual clients. You’ll get to dive into the practical tools and creative techniques that help you transform from the inside out. Warning: FUN AHEAD! Yes, you will be coached on food, movement and rest. But get ready to also expand your soulful and creative self. (Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body).

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Client Love

"I was fortunate to attend Tzabia’s six-week course. After battling my weight repeatedly up and down the scale for the last 20 years, Tzabia has given me to tools to achieve a healthy body weight. Most importantly, she has taught me how to keep the weight off permanently, in a way that is realistic"

- L.C., Lawyer

"I noticed a number of co-workers had successfully shed weight and, when I asked how, they told me about Tzabia’s program. I was so impressed, I signed up. For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful around achieving a healthy weight — with the added bonus of improving my self-image”. 

- I.S., Marketing Communications Specialist

"This program changed my life!  I lost 20 pounds during the three-month program. After the program ended, I was able to run my first 5K race, then a half marathon.  I’ve continued to keep up with what I learned, and am now training for my first marathon in October."

- L.L.M., Practice Group Facilitator