Personalized Nutrition Programs

Each nutrition program is personalized to meet your specific needs based on your health history, lifestyle, preferences, goals, dietary experience and an in-depth symptom analysis.

Using the information you provide in an in-depth Health Assessment and Symptom Questionnaire, I will spend time investigating your nutritional and therapeutic needs. I will present you with an overview, and together we will come up with the steps that will be ready to take, week by week.

You have the option to have one nutritional consultation where a complete plan will be laid for you. However, from my experience, that approach tends to overwhelm people and without ongoing support, it is more difficult to make lasting changes. The Food Coach programs are designed to ensure that you are getting what you need over a longer stretch of time so that your changes are sustainable and lifelong.

Here’s what we will cover in your sessions with The Food Coach:

  • An overview of your physiological needs based on your symptoms
  • Foods to eat abundantly, foods to eat moderately and foods to eat as little as possible (or avoid completely)
  • Your highest priority focus for each week to reach your goals
  • Meal suggestions
  • Food and supplements for therapeutic support
  • Addressing your eating challenges
  • Recipes
  • Educational articles
  • Resources
  • Unlimited email support through the duration of your program

Add-On Sessions:

Kitchen makeover
1 1/2 hours spent in your home, reviewing all the foods you eat – what to keep eating, what to throw out, what to add in and why.

Store Walk-through
1 1/2 hours spent traveling through your store of choice to explore foods, read labels, discuss options, get introduced to new foods, and learn tips for efficient shopping.