Corporate and employee wellness programs. 

The Food Coach® works with corporate, organization, conference groups, as well as smaller social gatherings. She shares a range of topics to improve wellness and affect change on an individual level. Tzabia is known for her passionate love of all things food related, from the manufacturing, buying and preparation of what we eat, to the science of nutrition, to our complex relationship with food, to how to transform long-standing behaviours. She gently pushes the boundaries of people’s knowledge about nutrition and what it means to ‘be nourished’.

All programs are delivered with extensive knowledge, a beautiful visual presentation, as much participant interaction as time allows and a touch of controversy to heat things up and get people thinking about what they hadn’t thought about before.

Download The Food Coach Corporate Speaking Brochure to learn about the different programs. 


The Food Coach® corporate clients have included:

“The lunch & learn was fantastic! Tzabia was bombarded with question after question but she got to everything.”

- Blakes

“I have received tons of positive feedback. The staff loved it, and are all going home to throw out everything in their pantries and start fresh….LOL. I love how much conversation comes out of a really informative session like today.”

- Miller Thomson

“The seminar was great and well received. Tzabia is a passionate and knowledgeable presenter and clicked nicely with our people. We appreciated that her approach goes beyond the mainstream nutrition information/approach. Thank you for making this happen!”

- Planning Alliance