If you are tired of the on-again, off-again diet cycle and fed up with feeling out of control around food, then this book was written for you. Jump Off the Diet Treadmill offers a 12-week plan that will move you towards a healthier, happier way to be in relationship with food and your body. It goes past the standard dieting paradigm to share new ways of understanding the larger picture of ‘nourishment’, i.e. being happy in your body demands that you pay attention to the foods, thoughts, and actions that you choose, and the role that each plays in your body and brain. If health and sustainable weight loss are what matter to you now, then don’t miss out on the insight that you can draw from this program and from Tzabia’s experience.

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From Darren Stehle, of www.allaboutmealplanning.com:

Most diets don’t work because they expect you to restrict calories, eat in a way you’re not comfortable with, or to purchase products. Tzabia teaches you the two most important components for weight loss and healthy body weight: First you need to eat better and healthy. She explains how to do this and why you would want to over many chapters, teaching only a few points at a time. This makes learning more easy to digest. Secondly you need to understand whatever emotional conditions or triggers are holding you back from achieving healthy bodyweight, including how to replace your bad habits with good ones. Tzabia’s approach is kind, sensitive and comes from a place of understanding from having helped many people through the very process she teaches in her book.”

Rave Reviews

“I have lost 25 pounds from following the principles described in Tzabia’s book. She provides the knowledge you need to understand food better so you can easily make choices to support your goals. I no longer feel hungry throughout the day, I don’t have cravings and I don’t feel deprived in any way. In fact, I’m amazed at the amount and variety of food that I can consume on a daily basis while still losing weight. I have been so impressed, I bought two more copies of Tzabia’s book to give to family members. This book is a winner!  Thank you Tzabia!

- Mark

“Having been through the roller-coaster, I know it’s easy to just do the weight loss thing for a short period of time. But to make it stick, this seems like the only sensible, doable and realistic approach. Working with Tzabia made a big difference - helping me rearrange my relationship with food and to lose weight in a sustainable way.”

- Bruce Simpson, Consultant/Entrepreneur

“My energy level is higher than its been in years; I no longer have hot flashes or night sweats; I have lost pounds and inches and I have regained my ability to focus at work. This is not just a weight loss program, it’s an all-around good health program packed with information, guidance and tips on living a healthy lifestyle without feeling you are depriving yourself of anything.”

- P. Beard, Litigation Law Clerk