The Food Coach is both a concept and a person.

I’m Tzabia Siegel, BAPhEd, DHN, RNT – clinical nutritionist, life coach, weight loss specialist, and the person behind The Food Coach.

I founded the concept from the experience that people, possibly you, want to make changes in your relationship with food, but don’t always have the understanding or the tools in place to follow through on your desire. Yes, you need to know WHAT to eat – but you also need to be clear on WHEN to eat to maximize your health and performance, and HOW to eat to turn on your full digestive power and energy. In addition, ‘WHY’ you eat may require insight and tools to transform your patterns and habits. A single session with a nutritionist will only go so far in altering a person’s relationship with food. The Food Coach was born to provide ongoing support, training and education.

I am a graduate of Western University with a degree in Physical Education, The Edison Institute of Nutrition as a Certified Nutritionist, and The Coaches Training Institute as a Life Coach. My learning is ongoing in the field of Functional Nutritional Diagnostics, which offers insight into my client’s biology and nutrition via blood, urine and nutrigenetics testing. The healing opportunities abound when you go beyond symptoms to look at a person’s unique biochemistry.

In addition to my clinical practice, I love taking my clients into the creative side of healing. These are cutting edge practices for stress management, optimizing mood, memory, decision-making and cognition, finding freedom in your body and mind, improving your overall sense of well-being and balancing your relationship with food. I have spent 35 years honing my own practice in free dance, mixed media, photography and journaling, all with the intention of optimal health. Recently, I enhanced my practice with training as a Creatively Fit Coach with Whitney Ferre, the author of The Artist Within. 

As a health educator, I do speaking engagements, regularly leading seminars and group weight loss/nutrition programs for organizations and corporate employees. My FOOD COACH IN-HOUSE days have been a success for companies, allowing me to coach 12 professionals and support staff in one day.

Outside of my ‘day-job’, I remain intimately tied to food. I have been my own guinea pig for over 35 years to study our relationship with food, different types of nutritional ‘philosophies’ and how to heal health issues through varied forms of nourishment. Although my partner Barry and I love the awesome Toronto restaurant scene, at home, we keep things natural and simple and I love to teach/coach on all things related to that. Blend that personal experience with my professional expertise, with a philosophy that is rooted in nature, and decades of research on nutrition, healing, behavioural change, neuroscience and the mind/body connection and you have The Food Coach of many resources.