“Changed my life for the better.”

Tzabia is a truly conscientious professional who is a pleasure to work with.  My health issues were complex when I started working with her in July 2016.  She got to the bottom of my issues with an empirical test that was quite illuminating.  The eating and supplement programme Tzabia put me on literally changed my life for the better.  The healing process was challenging at times but I always had Tzabia to support and coach me.  I felt listened to and understood at every interaction.  I cannot recommend Tzabia The Food Coach highly enough.  If you’re willing to make the commitment to improve your health you cannot go wrong by hiring her.  My husband also works with Tzabia and has had an amazing experience as well.

Leslie Draper Santos

"Greater health, peace and confidence."

I learned a lot working with Tzabia. It made me review my behaviour and my way of thinking. I learned some new ways of coping that were really effective and different than I'd been exposed to in the past. The accountability was really helpful to keep me moving forward. I accomplished the mission that I set out at the beginning - to have greater health, peace and confidence. 

Cheryl Barton, Sales Executive

“Having been through the rollercoaster, I know that it’s easy to do the weight loss thing for a short period of time. But to make it stick, this seems like the only sensible, doable and realistic approach. Working with Tzabia made a big difference in helping me rearrange my relationship with food and to lose weight in a sustainable way.”

Bruce Simpson, Consultant/Entrepreneur

"A wonderful journey of self-discovery."

“Initially, I sought out Tzabia’s services because I wanted to lose 7 to 10 pounds.  My first session with Tzabia was incredible.  Rather than simply signing me up for a weight loss program and telling me what I should and shouldn’t eat to lose the weight, she asked me if I was experiencing any abdominal or digestive symptoms.  I had been experiencing such symptoms for a long time.  My goal shifted from weight loss to developing a healthy diet that would reduce my symptoms and eliminate them. Through education and support, Tzabia helped me achieve this goal.  She taught me that nourishment is about more than food – it’s also about discovering the things in life that feed your soul and that make you happy.  This particular teaching has put me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery – a very unexpected benefit considering that my initial goal was to lose weight.  I did lose the weight, but it feels more like I found my natural and healthy weight as a result of integrating a well-balanced diet into my lifestyle."

Nicole Sigouin, Lawyer

“One of the most powerful aspects of coaching with Tzabia is that she is a role model of liveliness, energy, passion for life and success with long-term weight loss. This helped me to maintain my energy and hopefulness about not just the weight loss, but a better life.

I would recommend Tzabia to anyone who has tried many ways to lose weight, who feels lost and needs direction, accountability and good practical knowledge.”

Susan Zimmerman, Lawyer

"For anyone who has the feeling that they are trapped, knowing that something has to change."

“My eating and my relationship with my body and my health were spiraling downward. Despite being smart and skillful, I didn’t know how to stop it. Working with Tzabia slowed it down, got me off of the spiral and started moving me upward in a peaceful, manageable and permanent way. For anyone who has the feeling that they are trapped, of knowing that something has to change, but not knowing how to do it or even believing that they can, I would absolutely recommend Tzabia as a way of finding the hope, the process and the support to move out of the trap and into a lighter mind and body.”

Alisa Garber, MEd, PCC, CPCC Writer, Life and Executive Coach, www.alisagarber.com

“Tzabia is a very knowledgeable, kind, good-humoured and intuitive. She strikes the balance between understanding and firm direction. She takes a comprehensive approach, looking at all relevant aspects of the coachee’s condition and bringing the coaching knowledge from different fields. I highly recommend her.”

— D.R.Lawyer

"A vision of what I want for myself"

I am actually doing GREAT at the moment.  I’ve been walking 3-5 miles most days and am starting Boot Camp (!!!) tomorrow!! I want to thank you again for all your help…..spending time with you in the teleclasses was just what I needed to jump start my plan.  I loved your visualizations.  If you ever make a CD with them let me know, I want one!! I forgot to mention the very BEST part of all this…..the new found respect for myself (achieved by a concise vision of what I want for myself….) has enabled me to set personal BOUNDARIES (what a concept!!!), and that is changing my life every minute of every day!! Thanks yet again.”

F.K., Retiree

I wanted to tell you that with your assistance this year, I have forged a new and mutually beneficial relationship with food and my own self-image in terms of my weight and my athleticism. I now feel in control and strong and healthy and free of guilty chains that bonded me in that area of my life. I have resolved a debilitating relationship issue and feel strong and in control of myself in that area too. It has been EXTREMELY VALUABLE for me to have been able to work with you this year and I’m sincerely grateful that you responded to the request to participate in HealthQuest.”

M.L., Communications & Marketing Director

“Tzabia helped me find me, to remember what it is like to be a kid. I was too serious. Now I don’t worry as much, I am more in the moment, nothing is as insurmountable as I thought it was.”

— Patricia GuayProfessional Organizer

"What freedom!"

“My focus is no longer on food, I don’t wake up everyday and think about what I can and cannot eat. In fact, I no longer have foods that I think I absolutely cannot eat – what freedom. I find that now that nothing is forbidden, the cravings are gone and while I splurged a bit on holidays, I know that is okay and I don’t go totally crazy because I had one ice cream. I feel like my approach to eating is much more balanced and for the first time in a very long time I recognize when I am hungry and when I am full – I can’t tell you how good that feels!”

— Sandra, Wife & Mother

“Tzabia – It is just over a year since we met and when we met I was about 191 to 192 pounds with a 39 inch waist. I just had my annual Medcan check up and was at 179 which is about my ideal weight and my waist is down to 36. Thank you!!!”

Jamie Anderson, Investment Banker

"I feel more balanced emotional,
physically, and mentally."

“I called on Tzabia because I was relying on chocolate and sweets to give me a lift and get me through the day, and my attempts to deal with that on my own had not worked. She helped me think up specific strategies – strategies that you can’t get from a book on nutrition – to solve my own issues. I feel more balanced emotionally, physically and mentally now that I am not relying on sugar to get me through the day. Also, by making changes myself, it has affected my husband’s food preferences so we are both reaping the benefits.

Lynne Heller

"Thank you for transforming the way I look and eat food."

“I sought Tzabia’s expertise in early February after seeing her at a TD Marketing hosted “Wellness Lunch n’ Learn” session. I immediately resonated to her professional yet comforting demeanour. After that introduction, I really wanted to understand my options to resolve my chronic digestive issues, accompanied with low energy and propensity to recurring colds. Through her, I was able to assess my symptoms, and promptly follow her diagnosis to the road to recovery. It is now almost 3 months since that initial appointment and through many agonizing touch points (1 on 1 weekly/biweekly meetings and email correspondence), I am pleased to say that I have overcome a lot of my original symptoms and have a comprehensive understanding of my food triggers. I am also pleased to say that I do not miss some of those food groups (sugars, wheat, dairy) that caused years and years of digestive grief. I feel more energy, my skin looks great and I am now more educated on the benefits of organic eating! Tzabia….Thank you for transforming the way I look and eat food (certainly more slowly and enjoyable).”

Darren HowlerTDGB Marketing and Environment Project Management

"Her breadth of knowledge, skills, and services cannot be contained to a single label. Her work is truly holistic."

I got in touch with Tzabia about 8 months ago to help me on my healing journey as I recovered from a serious illness.  I was referred to her by a friend who had received so much help and healing with her own health issues through working with Tzabia. Since our first session together, Tzabia has been an integral part of my healing journey.  Her breadth of knowledge, skills, and services cannot be contained to a single label, as her work has proven to be truly holistic. Tzabia is incredibly thorough, leaving no stone unturned. I trust her methods and feel her genuine passion and commitment to help me and others to be our healthiest selves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her work covers all these grounds and most importantly, always empowers me to be the primary force in my own healing and health.  

All of my sessions and communications with Tzabia have shown that she is deeply invested in helping me to heal. We shared many intimate and emotional conversations, which she always approached with fierce compassion, encouragement, and solid plans of action.  I have learned so much from Tzabia's work - she has helped my body, mind and spirit to heal. Tzabia's combination of knowledge of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional realms, along with her learned wisdom from her own experiences, make her a rare and invaluable coach. I'm so grateful I was brought to her services!

Hanna H., Artist

"A different approach to losing weight"

“Tzabia offers a different approach to losing weight. I developed a better relationship with my body, I am more relaxed in my own skin and less emotionally attached to food. Tzabia’s approach is unique, compassionate and non-judgmental. The process is guided but not controlled and she offers a respect for individual differences. I would recommend Tzabia for anyone who wants a better relationship with their body, a greater sense of inner peace and is willing to do the work to get there.”

M.C., Fundraiser

“I have more peace with my body than I ever had before. I could not have come to this place as easily without Tzabia’s capable and knowledgeable guidance.  She draws from a wide range of knowledge and techniques, working with her intuition and the part of you that knows what is in your very best interest. I felt that Tzabia was always with me and at the same time one step ahead, calling me on with trust that I could take the necessary leaps.

— Jo-ann Ferreira, BSW, MEdClinical Supervisor, Addictions Therapist and Public Speaker/Trainer

"A rich and rewarding experience."

“Coaching with Tzabia has been a rich and rewarding experience. She has helped me to come into my own power to start making much needed changes in my life; Tzabia is an incredibly powerful and intuitive woman. She really listens, and she always knows how to gently guide our sessions to get to the heart of the matter. It is an absolute pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her to everyone.”

— T.M.Naturopathic Doctor

I came to work with Tzabia because I could see that she looks at the root of the problem. I learned to slow down, to accept the moment and to use creative expression as a way to work through my challenges. Although my weight still fluctuates a little, I now have the tools to know what I can do. I look for the answers within me instead of from the outside.”

— Heather, Journalist

“Tzabia is an excellent coach. She challenges you in an intelligent, respectful way. She invites you to figure things out using an array of useful tools. She lets you know, there are no “quick fixes”, transformation is an ongoing process with peaks and valleys. And, she is an excellent guide along the way!”

— Christine SmithCollege Professor

“Tzabia is beautifully intuitive, generous in spirit… and has a natural ability to coach me, as no other coach has touched my truth and my soul quite like her.”

— Kathy HayLeadership Coach

"I would recommend Tzabia to anyone, especially those who feel frustrated."

“I came to Tzabia as a referral and I am forever grateful that I was introduced.  29 was a hard year for me after burning the candle at both ends and living and working in the downtown financial core hustle.  I was very well aware that my body was screaming for help but after trying to go through my family doctor unsuccessfully for 9 months, I felt helpless. Tzabia showed the utmost concern for me from day 1 and I immediately knew that I was in good hands.  Truly taking a holistic approach, we didnt stop and start at the symptoms, we instead delved into my personal life and took a look at where I was emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.  Within weeks of my treatment plan (which consisted of supplements, and a change in diet/lifestyle), I was feeling more like my old self than I had in years.  I continued to heal, both physically and emotionally, and have come out with a much greater understanding for who I am and what I need to provide my body and soul for nourishment.  I would recommend Tzabia to anyone, especially those who feel frustrated with going through the family doctor route, as her thorough analysis, level of care and attention, and knowledge of the human body is like no other.  With Tzabia, I started my thirties on a much healthier and happier footing.”

— Penelope T., Operations

“I achieved the goal that I came to coaching for – to find a way of healthy eating that I can live with for the rest of my life. I feel better as a person for having achieved this.”

Cary L, Chartered Accountant

"I thought I was eating well..."

“When I came to see Tzabia I thought I was eating well but what I thought was a good diet was based on what I had picked up on my own from articles and the internet. I was ready for my health to be better than ‘just good’. Through our work together, I have seen remarkable improvement in my digestion. Lifelong issues with bowel regularity and bloating changed to daily consistency. It has improved even when I travel.

Also, I had gotten used to not sleeping well – mostly I would watch the clock all night long, rarely sleeping more than an hour at a time. I got used to this being a norm for me. Now I sleep 7 hours, waking up once or twice and then falling back into a deep sleep.

In general, I feel like my body is cleaner. The resource of knowledge that Tzabia has provided has been invaluable.”

B.S., Retiree & Adventurer

“When I started coaching with Tzabia I had 20 extra pounds on me that I had had since university. I really didn’t believe that I could get all of the weight off. But with the shifts in thinking and changes in my food choices, and the supplements, it seemed to fall off me a lot easier than I imagined. I just hadn’t approached it in this way before.

Brian Getty, Financial Consultant

"I walked away with so much more..."

“Initially I went to Tzabia focused on losing the post-pregnancy weight I had been carrying for over a year. What I walked away with was so much more. Through education and support, Tzabia guided me to a healthier way of nourishing my body and soul and the result has been amazing. Yes, the extra baby weight disappeared, but more importantly – my energy level and sense of self improved drastically. The best part is that my daughter will now be able to grow up with a mother who loves and honours her body. It’s a gift I never dreamed I’d be able to pass on.”

— Kari O’Neill, Art Director, Whitespace Creative

“Our sessions and the homework that Tzabia gave seemed to morph into new ideas and got me to think differently. It helped put life into perspective. There are so many other things that are more important than food. Now my life is feeding me, so I am not looking to food to make me feel better. I threw out the scales, got refocused, gained new perspectives. I feel nourished and healthier. My suggestion is that if you feel lost and food tends to be your crutch and you want a nourishing life beyond food, then work with Tzabia.”

Anne Shephard, Advertising Account Supervisor

“I not only lost weight but I gained a greater mastery over who I am being and how I am being and to that end, it has enhanced the quality of my life in many different aspects.”

— George FaggianiProprietor – Janitorial Cleaning Company

"For the first time in my life, I have control and serenity around food."

“I am 52 years old. Working with Tzabia has given me, for the first time in my life, a relaxed relationship with food.

For the first time in my life, I have control and serenity around food. I no longer binge (which I had done for 40 years). This is a huge triumph for me. I can now fully enjoy the food that I eat and if I do overeat, I know that I can get right back on track rather than sliding into the ‘abyss’. My work with Tzabia has given me a new foundation to live a fuller, more integrated life rather than one that is just focused on my weight and food. That has allowed me to not only lose weight but to see that my life is a work in progress and I have the tools and the confidence to create it as I wish.”

— Diane Volgyesi, Business Consultant

"I am so much more optimistic about my health and my life.” 

“I realize now that I had been carrying a dread about my health, with my family history of diabetes and heart disease, not to mention the extra 45 lbs. that I had. But now, after 6 months of working with Tzabia, I have lost 18 lbs., I have more energy, I feel ‘cleaner’ inside, and I am so much more optimistic about my health and my life.” 

— Janice S., Journalist/Writer

“Tzabia’s invitation to become more of myself engaged me wholly because of her clear ability and willingness to give from that sacred place of integrity within herself. With wisdom, Tzabia’s coaching gently nurtures the spirit and engenders lasting change.”

— Patti Steeves

“Coaching with Tzabia lead me through a process of being able to make some very important decisions in my life and being free at the end of it.

I’d recommend Tzabia to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life surrounding their overall health.”

Barb Little, Fundraiser