Create a healthy relationship with food and your body.

As a nutritionist, I learned long ago that it is one thing to give clients information. It’s another thing for them to be able to put it into action. This is why I became The Food Coach®.

Like an athlete who needs to trust someone to guide them through every aspect of their training, you need someone who has the expertise to support you to make the changes in what, how, when and why you eat.

The Food Coach® is dedicated to seeing you succeed at your goals: to have more energy, reach your ideal weight, sleep better, improve your concentration and focus, stabilize your moods, up your performance, and to deal with your health history and any therapeutic issue that you may be facing.

Whether you need education, resources, planning, accountability, a shift in perspective, new tools, and/or a way to simplify the process, I’ll support you with all that I’ve got to give.

There are three aspects to working with me:

  1. Understanding your physiology – what issues may be blocking you from reaching your goals and what resources you have to overcome those blocks. This incorporates in-depth lifestyle and symptom questionnaires and, as an option, Functional Nutrition Analysis.
  2. Coaching you to make change in your daily choices around food, plus a lifestyle approach to nourishment. Learn more about The Food Coach® Personalized Nutrition Programs.
  3. Addressing the behaviour that stops you from following through on the promises you make to yourself. For this, we draw from practical and creative tools to shift your repeated patterns. Check out the Jump Off the Diet Treadmill page to learn more about my sustainable weight loss program.

Client Love

"My health issues were complex when I started working with her in July 2016.  She got to the bottom of my issues with an empirical test that was quite illuminating. The eating and supplement programme Tzabia put me on literally changed my life for the better."

- Leslie Draper Santos

"Tzabia….Thank you for transforming the way I look and eat food (certainly more slowly and enjoyable).”

- Darren Knowler, TDGB Marketing and Environment Project Management

"Tzabia is a very knowledgeable and intuitive coach.  Working with her has proven to be a wonderful and rewarding experience on many levels.  I continue to seek her guidance on issues regarding food and digestion as they arise."

- Nicole Sigouin, Lawyer