Energy Gain-Drain

The most common issue that I see in those who come to me as clients, and really that almost all of us feel, is the pull on our energy. We have limited resources biologically and spiritually. We need to be clear about where we are leaking energy so we can preserve it for what really nourishes us.

Here you will find an ENERGY GAIN-DRAIN scale. (Hit the link to download).

Here’s how to use it.
Consider each area individually. Take your time. There are a lot of them so make sure to consider them when you have time and space to do so.

Use the accompanying table to mark which areas are charging your energy (GAIN) and which ones are depleting your energy stores (DRAIN). There will also be some that are neutral.

The idea is to slowly eliminate the DRAINS and spend more time in the GAINS.
This may be a slow change and at times a complex one, as it can be for relationships and a major change of jobs or career. However no change can happen until you actually recognize the need for it. This is your starting point.

Energy Gain Drain.001.jpg